Kare invests in new concepts and hits on Gogolf


GoGolf provides everything about golf on one stop. This newest investment from Kare Group is difficult to categorise but easy to comprehend. Traditionally golf business has based on club memberships and yearly payments. Around the world this traditional model has been challenged by a new approach where actual club operation is left to an outside operator, which markets and operates several golf clubs simultaneously. Much like with hotels.

Gogolf has brought this model to Finland.

Our newest investment comprises of golf clubs, Golf Sky equipment brand, eCommerce platform and training facilites both indoors and outdoors. The entirety is bound together with a large scale media portal providing golf news, club reviews and a lot more.

"Golf is constantly growing in popularity and nowadays we have globally more golf players than ever. Our business model is relatively common around the world but in Finland business and operating models around golf have traditionally been conservative. This is all about serving our community and today we have over 40 000 unique members!" summarises chair of board Paavo Kettunen.

"Building something completely new is always more difficult than going with something that has been tested. Gogolf combines a tested and functioning business model in a market that's going through transformation. In addition, they add their own twist and ideas into this package. It's a joy to be one of the enablers for this growth company!" justifies Jake Aalto from Kare Group."