New member in our Team


Investor Pekka Viljakainen has been joined in Kare's team. He is a partner and senior advisor of the company. Pekka brings with it much more know-how and experience in the development of investment targets and excellent international relations. Pekka Viljakainen is a long-standing entrepreneur and business leader. His extensive international network has emerged over the past 35 years, serving in both operational and board of directors positions in approximately 30 companies in 20 countries.

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Kare's Managing Partner Jake Aalto welcomes Pekka as part of the team and believes that Pekka's long experience in investing and developing companies will bring a lot of benefits to Karen's investment processes and the development of portfolio companies.

Kare is looking for Finnish medium-sized companies as its investment targets, whose owners want to develop the company according to a strategic owner partner. Kare has evaluated several dozen different companies and negotiated with owners and management teams about possible income from the companies.

In the long run, Kare Invest's team wants to develop medium-sized companies even better and build larger and more competitive companies in Finland, whose profitable growth and renewal will be secured in the future as well.