Corporate Governance is a key part of Kare's responsible investment policy, which is implemented in our investment activities and processes. In investment activities, we pay attention to the fact that investment targets operate in accordance with good corporate governance and take into account not only economic factors but also environmental, social and governance issues.


When choosing investments, we aim to select companies that pay special attention to environmental aspects in their operations. We demand a valid environmental policy from our investment and seek to influence the management of harmful emissions and waste at the investment target and the coverage of environmental permits and certificates through corporate governance.

Social responsibility

We pay attention to and require our investments to comply with local laws and regulations, the quality of working conditions and the minimization of work-related accidents, and compliance with international human rights treaties.


Through active ownership, we promote good corporate governance practices in investments. We follow transparency and demand transparency in our investments in their business and in relations with employees, partners and society.

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