Jake Aalto

I started as an entrepreneur in 2005 by founding Aalto Henkilöstöpalvelut personnel services company. I have studied Business in University and I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. My main responsibilities at Kare is finding and developing business ideas. In addition, I actively keep in touch with other investors. In the investment, I pay special attention to its management and the competence of the team. A knowledgeable team makes even a mediocre idea very profitable.

Managing Partner
+358 415506773

Pekka Viljakainen

I am a long-standing entrepreneur and business leader. My extensive international network has emerged over the past 35 years, serving in both operational and board positions in approximately 30 companies in 20 countries.

Partner, Senior Advisor
+358 501422

Otto Laasonen

During my career I have worked in several financial management, management and development positions in SME's. I have a degree in Industrial Management and I have studied entrepreneurship and finance also. At Kare, I am responsible for evaluating investment opportunities. I believe in the continuous learning and renewal of people and organizations. In investment, I look in particular at the opportunities for strategic renewal and the competence and ability of personnel.

+358 505403318

Petri Kalliokoski

I had a long career at VTT, and before becoming an entrepreneur I was VTT's Executive Vice President and Chairman of the Board of VTT Ventures Oy. Today, I am an entrepreneur, owner and CEO of High Metal Ltd a traditional 71 years old company, and as an investor and as Chairman of the Board and mcare Group Oy. In addition, I am in close collaboration Innovestor Oy, and I am Chairman of the Board of the Innovestor Ventures Ltd which is GP of the Venture funds.

I believe in technology and the development of innovative business models as well as industry reform. What matters to me is the people and teams that generate new business and impact.

I have worked for a long time in joint investments as of Kare Group Ltd and its CEO Jake. We share a strong shared vision of growth and new business development. At Kare Group I am responsible for identifying new investment targets and defining investment target strategies and growth areas.

Senior Advisor
+358 405267122

Niina Jääskeläinen

During my career I have worked with finance and financial management of companies and public institutions. In Kare Group I am responsible of financial administration and progress of real estate projects. I am interested in new interesting projects and especially the people behind them.

Office Manager
+358 40 412 0455


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