Jake Aalto

I started as an entrepreneur in 2005 by founding Aalto Henkilöstöpalvelut personnel services company. I have studied Business in University and I have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree. My main responsibilities at Kare is finding and developing business ideas. In addition, I actively keep in touch with other investors. In the investment, I pay special attention to its management and the competence of the team. A knowledgeable team makes even a mediocre idea very profitable.

Managing Partner
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+358 415506773

Otto Laasonen

During my career I have worked in several financial management positions. I have a Master's degree in Industrial Management. My key responsibility is evaluating new investment opportunities. I believe in the continuous learning and renewal of people and organizations. In investment, I look in particular at the company's performance and the competence of the Top Management Team.

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+358 505403318

Kim Poulsen

I have long experience in the global fiber, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, wood processing industry and building material industry. Extensive practical experience in many successful turnaround and scaleup projects, large investment projects and business development in different countries in Asia, America and Europe.

My areas of expertise are especially management, strategy, improving profitability, mergers and acquisitions, sales and marketing, investment projects, board work, management coaching and mentoring.

Senior Partner
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+358 503872063

Esa Eloranta

I have long history in construction industry both as an entrepreneur and a head of a major enterprise. In spring 2021 I retired from Jatke Oy, where I worked as a CEO and COB as one of the founders. I act as a board member in several companies. Always as a team player with the goal to develop the business and the people within.

Senior Advisor, Finnish presidential title of construction advisor
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+358 400559091

Niina Jääskeläinen

During my career I have worked with finance and financial management of companies and public institutions. In Kare Group I am responsible of financial administration and progress of real estate projects. I am interested in new interesting projects and especially the people behind them.

Office Manager
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+358 404120455

Timo Lehtimäki

I've been around for a while. My longest single endeavour was a 28 year long period as an entrepreneur in health and social security business. When not working, I resort to sports - also in managerial positions. With Kare it's my job to handle investor relations and investor network. If you get a call from me, I most likely have an interesting company to present to you.

Investment manager
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+358 405338172