Finnish language agency funded for growth and joins Workteam Group


Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu (Finnish interpretation service) is a company founded by two immigrants. The company provides interpretation and translation services and has now joined Workteam Group, a 100 % Kare Group company focusing in humans & services sector.

Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu provides services in over 80 languages around whole Finland. It's customers comprise of municipalities, governmental offices, foundations, political parties and companies. The company has over 300 professional interpreters at its disposal and the company clocked 1,5 milj eur turnover last year (2022). It's the only Finnish operator able to provide challenging simultaneous interpretation projects along with all the equipment completely with its own resources.

Using its in-house built rapid interpretation software the company is able to provide services cost efficiently, flexibly and without delay. With now acquired funding Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu is driving for larger share in its growing market, aiming to quadruple its turnover in the following three years.

"Workteam Group provides us with tested experience on scaling up and harnessing growing market. What comes to our rapid interpretation software, we get valuable know-how on how to lead software development professionally" says Saman Taimouri, CEO for Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu. 

"We all have a right to be understood. Workteam Group and its parent Kare Group are committed to corporate responsibility and Tulkkauspalvelu has a grand role in implementing this strategy. Internationalisation is a continuing megatrend and it's important that services for immigrants are provided with quality and care" tell Jake Aalto, chair of board for Workteam Group about their decision.

Wortteam Group is a humans and services group with pro forma turnover of 10 milj euros in 2022. The companies within the group operate on several branches of business and employ around 120 people every day. The group aims to reach Finnish top 20 list in the industry as early as year 2023.

Saman Taimouri will continue as a CEO for Suomen Tulkkauspalvelu and associate Jarmo Keto is placed as a chair of the board for the company.