Former Kemira and Spinnova executive Kim Poulsen to lead Lajupek and SORVI FINLAND


Formerly a member of Kemira exec management team and a CEO for Spinnova, renowned Kim Poulsen has been appointed to as a chair of board for Kare porfolio company Lajupek and it's parent company SORVI FINLAND OY.

Lajupek is a contract manufacturer for precision mechanics, founded in 1972. Planning, QA, machining, assembly, testing and post-processing are core functions for Lajupek. Production can intake various materials including all plastics and metals from aluminium to titanium. Lajupek is a reliable contract manufacturer and can serve its clients even with special needs using its diverse subcontracting network.

With wide experience

Kim is a skilled leader, board member and a private investor with a wide perspective on developing global business. Key characteristics include dynamic personality, exciting leading touch, human centered approach, wide experience with global fiber, pulp and paper industry, chemistry, wood refinement and construction materials.

Along all this, Kim possesses hands on experience in successful turnaround an sceleup projects, large investment projects and business development in various countries in Asia, America an Europe. His expertise in particular is leadership, strategy, profitability, fusions and mergers.

SORVI FINLAND builds industrial synergy

Sorvi Finland is a company operating in manufacturing industry, with a strategy to gain a significant foothold in Finnish manufacturing field. This is done by carefully selected mergers and acquisitions and developing their exports capabilities.

Managing partner for Kare Group, Jake Aalto, warmly welcomes Kim into the team and believes that his long experience leading international operations will provide great benefit in developing Kare Portfolio companies.