JIITEE Työt acquires an underground construction work company


A a portfolio company for Kare Group, JIITEE Työt Oy is specialised in bedrock construction works. Now the company invests in growth and fully acquires Pohjolan Kalliotyö Oy, which is a company specialised in underground construction works. This combination of two companies creates a rock-solid infrastructure construction company operating everywhere in Finland and Sweden.

"This combination can provide our clients with everything related to bedrock construction works, including very challenging underground construction projects. We can participate in various tenders and create benefit for our clients by increasing the industry competition", says CEO Janne Juntunen, JIITEE Työt Oy.

JITEE Työt together with Pohjolan Kalliotyöt is the only company in Finland with sole focus on bedrock and underground construction works. The company operates using dedicated equipment and workforce. "This operating model gives us a competitive edge, generating great quality on an affordable price", Juntunen continues.

The arrangement helps JIITEE työt accelerate its well started growth in Sweden. "Greater Stockholm region has a large bedrock construction market and it gives our combined muscles an opportunity to grow rapidly on that market", Juntunen ends.

JIITEE Työt Oy, founded in 2011, is operating in Finland and Sweden and surpassed 19 milj eur in revenue in year 2021. The company was added to portfolio for Kare Group in 2017 and its board and strategic growthh is managed by Kare Group partner Otto Laasonen.

Pohjolan Kalliotyöt Oy is founded in 2008 and generated a revenue of 3 milj eur in year 2021. The new combination of two is expecting to surpass 28 milj eur of revenue in year 2022.