Kare Group acquires Lajupek and expands industrial base


Kare Group has NOV 10th 2022 acquired majority hold on traditional Lajupek Oy. The ownership was arranged on a new SORVI FINLAND OY company, which will further expand Kares presence in the industrial segment, where they have already invested in sustainable fish farming through Finnforel

Lajupek Oy has been operating since 1972 as a producer, craftsman and innovator in fine mechanics service. The company has a turnover of 4.7 million euros and employs around 40 employees in Hyvinkää, Finland. Lajupek Oy is a trusted contract manufacturer and it is able to serve its customers even in special cases with the help of skilled personnel and its high-class cooperation network.

The purpose of the completed transaction is to expand and strengthen Lajupek Oy's strategic, administrative and corporate restructuring expertise through board work. With the new owner base, the company is aiming for strong growth. The company's goal is to expand its operations through organic growth and acquisitions. Kare Group associate Jarmo Keto starts as chairman of the board of Lajupek Oy.

"Up until now, Lajupek Oy has acted as a reliable contract partner for major Finnish industrial players by investing heavily in customer service with its own resources. Now is a natural moment to start the implementation of Lajupek Oy's next stage growth plan with the support of SORVI FINLAND OY. The company's operations will continue to be based on customer focus, but with broader shoulders, we will be able to serve our customers more comprehensively in the future. We are proud to be able to take Lajupek Oy towards the next phase of growth together with the personnel who have done a great job", sums up Jarmo Keto.