Kare Group Oy strengthens its position of entrepreneurship as an advocate – Rises as the main owner of Corona Capital Oy


Capital investment company Kare Group has signed a significant acquisition in order to strengthen its role as a supporter of entrepreneurship and business developers in Finland. Kare Group will become the new main owner of the financial company Corona Capital Oy, which aims for profitable growth of its operations in a favorable market environment. Kare Group's goal is to support Corona Capital’s next growth leap and to look for possible business arrangements within the industry.


 "Kare Group invests in successful entrepreneurs and companies that have proven their ability to profitable business. Corona has been operating in the industry for a long time and we see significant in the company’s growth potential. An experienced team is supported by the Kare Group, and we have already found significant growth opportunities at the beginning of our  journey," says Kare Group chairman of the board Jake Aalto.


"For Corona Capital's future growth phase, we need an experienced partner whos target level is as high as ours. We have already cooperated with Kare Group before, and this arrangement seemed like a very natural option for us. We are convinced that Kare Group's close cooperation approach will help us achieve our goals together," says Corona Capital CEO Santeri Valve.


Corona Capital's customers are Finnish SMEs. The company has financed more than 180 million euros and more than 28,000 transactions through its platform. Finnish companies are in this current situation in a challenging situation in the market environment in terms of financing, which has been seen as growth in Corona's customer numbers. The company, with the support of a new main owner and new financing is looking for significant, profitable growth. Kare Group Oy is known as an advocate of entrepreneurship and values better shareholder value and supporting entrepreneurs. The company is looking for profitable growing companies with strong industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and evidence of successful business operations.


"Kare wants to be a reliable partner for companies and entrepreneurs and create better shareholder value. With this acquisition, we strengthen our commitment to the Finnish business world and we are ready to support Corona's growth and success," says Jake Aalto. 



Santeri Valve, Corona Capital Oy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +358 (0) 44 790 9006


Jake Aalto, Kare Group Oy

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +358 41 550 6773


Background information:

Corona Capital is a Finnish company that specialized in business loans founded in 2013, which

focuses on financing small and medium-sized Finnish companies. The company specializes

heavily into invoice financing since 2017. Corona finances its operations as well as its own

balance sheet and through refinancing partners. Through its service, the company has financed more than 180 million euros with more than 28,000 transactions. Corona Capital has a growing and active clientele.


Kare Group Oy is a Finnish investment company that invests in Finnish unlisted companies

by being a long-term owner and nurturing partner between management, shareholders and

with other stakeholders. The company is looking for profitable, growing companies as investment targets, which have strong industry expertise, entrepreneurial spirit and evidence of success

business activities. Kare wants to be a reliable partner for companies and entrepreneurs who create better future. Kare Group offers target companies know-how, financing, networks and

courage to grow profitably.