Kare Invest in Restok


  • Increase experience and expertise in developing and growing Lean construction.

  • The new Restok Group will be built into a strong and versatile customer-focused group for renovation construction.

  • Expanding the ownership base will enable strategic acquisitions in addition to organic growth.

Founded in 2009, Restok has invested in the best know-how in renovation and renovation, good schedule management and careful project management. We have invested in the development and training of Lean construction methods and tools, and have grown to be a pioneer in Lean construction in Finland.

Restok's way of investing in quality, Lean construction and its development continues. We are building a Restok Group around Restok based on Lean construction expertise. At the same time, the company's ownership base will be expanded, and Jake Aalto, Otto Laasonen and Pekka Viljakainen's investment company Kare Invest Oy will become new shareholders, and Jussi Wirgentius and Eero Meriö will become personnel shareholders. Jouni Järvenpää will continue as Restok's main shareholder and CEO.

At the same time, Jake Aalto will become the new Chairman of the Board of Restok Group. He brings to Restok Group a wide range of experience in the areas of staff recruitment, staffing and the expertise of construction networks. He founded and grew up one of Finland's largest construction personnel rental companies, Aalto Henkilöstöpalvelut, Staffing and Personnel Services.

As a new owner, Kare Invest will help Restok Group to develop its operations and grow profitably as a pioneer in Lean construction, both organically and through strategic acquisitions. This enables even higher quality and more diverse services for our customers. Restok Group is Kare Invest's first investment in the renovation segment in construction companies. The goal is to grow Restok Group into a major and versatile renovation builder in Finland.


Jouni Järvenpää, CEO
+358 50 553 5861, [email protected]

Jake Aalto, Managing Partner
+358 41 550 6773, [email protected]