Kare Group obtained more Kotimaailma shares


Taustalla vahva usko toimialan kasvuun

Investor Kare Group along with Kotimaailma franchising entrepreneurs from Helsinki and Rovaniemi have bought franchising-chain Kotimaailma. The chain focuses in renting furnished apartments. Main purpose for the acquisition is to accelerate growth of the chain that readily offers furnished apartments in Finland, Nordic countries and certain other market areas.

The growth of the chain has been fuelled by entrepreneurial spirit along with high quality customer service and efficient methods. The chain currently operates almost 500 furnished homes ranging from small apartments to separate houses in over 40 different townships. If an appropriate alternative is not found, the chain promises to furnish an apartment in an appropriate area in 24 hours after desired home is found.

The chain aims to reach 8 milj. eur turnover this year with new franchising entrepreneurs and rental homes on constant search.

"We provide clients with furnished and well equipped home easily anywhere in Finland. In addition, increasing demand in Sweden is rapidly pushing us to expand there." comments new Kotimaailma CEO Jari Peltola. Peltola will also continue to run Kotimaailma franchise in greater Helsinki region. Kare also grounds their investment by strong believe in emerging business branch and international markets.

The sellers Vesa Kauppila and Aaro Simell are both happy to see new owners determined to develop the chain further and that the franchise entrepreneurs are in good hands. "It's great to see new owners with all this hunger to grow and expand. This is promising for the entire chain!"

"Worldwide pandemic caused challenges on our branch, too. However, since the summer we have been exceeding our pre-covid utilization rate. In addition good co-operation with local businesses and insurrance companies has locally increased our demand. This is a great spot to continue both as a chain-manager and a local entrepreneur", states Jari Peltola.

Contact information

Jake Aalto
Kare Group, partner
+358 41 550 6773
[email protected]

Jari Peltola
Kotimaailma, CEO
+358 50 595 8914
[email protected]


more about Kotimaailma

Kotimaailma provides businnesses, public sector, insurrance companies and private customer furnished and cozy homes in over 40 different townships. The chain started in year 2007 and is nowadays operating nationwide around Finland. Capital investor Kare Group, Jake Aalto and Otto Laasonen jointly own 44 % of Kotimaailma Finland, Jari Peltola own 22 % and the rest of the key personnel Juho-Matti Pekkala, Antti Tornberg and Antti Junttonen jointly own 34 %.

Kare Group is a Finnish investment company that invests in real estate and direct investments in other unlisted companies. We are a long-term owner and we cherish our partnership with management, shareholders and stakeholders. We provide target companies with the know-how, finance, networks and courage to grow profitably