Maria Smura as Head of Marketing for Kare Group Oy starting 1.1.2024


Maria Smura joins Kare Group Oy's marketing team in the role of Head of Marketing. Smura brings solid experience and excellence to the marketing strategy of Kare Group and Kare's portfolio companies. Maria Smura has already earned her reputation as a marketing guru in one of the companies, and she has a strong background of successful work with companies in various fields. Her previous experience has made her a respected expert in the field, and her skills are expected to take the company's marketing to a new level.


The representatives of Kare Group Oy are excited about Smura joining the team:

"Maria brings with her a huge amount of know-how and innovative thinking, which are essential factors in building successful marketing. Her previous experience with several industries and companies makes her a valuable resource, and we are sure that she will bring a breath of fresh energy to our team dynamics," commented a Kare Group representative. Jake Aalto


Smura herself is excited about her new role and the opportunity to work with an innovative organization like Kare Group.

"It's a pleasure to join this professional and versatile team of experts. My 10 years of experience as an in-house marketer for various companies gives me a good starting point to work as a marketing assistant consultant for the portfolio companies and brings valuable insight into the growth of the portfolio companies." Smura says.

In her role as Head of Marketing, Smura supports the marketing of Karen portfolio companies. Her tasks include developing strategic marketing plans, strengthening the brand and creating innovative marketing campaigns. She brings with her new perspectives and ideas that help Kare Group's portfolio companies stand out from their competitors and strengthen their position in the market nationally and internationally. 


Maria Smura joining Kare Group Oy symbolizes the organization's commitment to high quality and excellence in marketing.


The company is looking forward to working with Smura and believes that her contribution will have a positive impact on Kare Group's business development.