Divicon builds growth with Kare – read an interview from founder


Kare Group strenghtens its presence in the field of health technology and joins as partner in Divicon Oy, a company providing diagnostics displays and other healthcare solutions.

Alongside its investment, Kare Group will support the company with know-how on professional board work. Chair of Board for Divicon Oy, Marek Davidjuk, sheds light to their decision to call Kare Group as their partner in our interview:

We at Divicon deliver diagnostics displays along with their quality control and assurance. Features for diagnostics displays is very regulated and good quality display has a direct impact on the accuracy of diagnosed sicknesses. We also deliver and develop software for device management. This ensures our clients know where their devices are, what is their life cycle and how well they are currently functioning. Our innovative solutions will make the busy reality of healthcare a little more fluent, be it private or public provider.

Our second founder Kai Laatikainen knows these needs by heart, as he has over 20 years of career with health care. Our solution is able to provide significant savings both with device management and diagnostics displays themselves.

Simply put: we can remotely tell, where the devices are - and with our quality control we can also tell if each of them meets the regulatory needs right at this moment.

We could not think of a better partner

We specifically wanter Kare Group as our partner for various reasons.  We recognise our capabilities with technology and health care industry, but growing the company needs more than that. It needs different kind of skills and more muscle.

Kare Group brings along great networks and possibilities for co-operation. Prototype manufacture with Kare Group company Lajupek alone is a huge synergy for us.

Most of all we were impressed by the background of Kare Group. All the key personnel are entrepreneurial, down to earth and understand the true realities of business.

In three years time we will be a leading actor in our own segment and the market is there for the taking.